February 27, 2012

Sensex Nifty, Money Market Funds, And Commodity Prices

If sensex nifty, commodity prices, money market funds, and more market statistics are of interest to you, in.reuters.com should be the right platform where you can view the A-Z of information and news. Commodity prices are always fluctuating so are volatility of the NSE Nifty and BSE sensex, and ebb and flow of money market funds. If you have invested in all of these segments, you should stay updated with what is happening around. Diversifying your investment and spreading your money are the secrets of success in today’s market. You cannot expect to gain maximum returns from a single segment unless you are an expert. Even experts fall victims to the volatility of the market.

As of 7th February market statistics, the sensex nifty closed in the downtrend. While sensex recorded 17,621.45, down 85.86 points, NSE nifty closed at 5,335.15, down 26.50 points. When we speak about Money Market Funds, more and more investors are attracted towards this segment. This is because of the decision of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) to value debt securities with maturity of up to 91 days at the weighted average price. View the changing commodity prices at in.reutres.com to take informed decisions.

February 22, 2012

Market Statistics And Stock Quotes In India

If you are an investor in the stock market, you cannot take wise buying and selling decisions without going through Market Statistics. It is a volatile market that has been prevailing for nearing one and a half year. The sensex index and nifty are all about ebb and flow. Even in such a volatile situation, there are many who are able to swim smoothly. This winning gentry comprises of all those who stay updated with the up-to-the-minute market statistics, sensex index and nifty performances besides conducting research and using investing tools like stock technical analysis, fundamental analysis, etc.

Novice investors only panic every time the market goes down. As per the latest market statistics (7th February), sensex index closed at 17,621.45, down 85.86 points or 0.48% and nifty stocks at 5,335.15, down 26.50 points or 0.49%. During the morning trade, the indices opened on a positive note. The sensex index and Nifty, both exhibited uptrend. Novice investors fall easy victims to all stock quotes in India. As they are hardly familiar with the choosing dynamics, they cannot distinguish which stock quotes in India are lucrative and which are not. Visit the business section of a reliable news portal for taking wise decisions.

February 17, 2012

Sensex India And Nifty Stocks Market

Which are the BSE Companies of the Indian stock market that exhibited uptrend? As per 7th February stock market statistics, it is Reliance Industries (1.50%) that ruled the roost followed by ONGC (1.43%), ITC (1.28%) and ICICI Bank (1.06%). BSE Oil and gas index (0.88%) was the major gainer. As the markets closed down, sensex India recorded 17,621.45, down 85.86 points or 0.48%. The nifty stocks market too witnessed downfall; the index closed at 5,335.15, down 26.50 points or 0.49%.

The opening of the Indian stock market though was on a positive note with sensex India up at 17,832.04 and Nifty at 5,413.35. Performances of NSE and BSE companies slipped in the red following a weak opening on the European markets. To add to the downfall are GDP estimates pointing a gloomy stance owing to a slowdown in the industry output.

Major BSE companies losers include BHEL (-4.27%), Tata Steel (-3.37%), Gail India (-3.10%) and DLF (-2.92%). Only 115 stocks of BSE companies remained unchanged while 1,233 advanced. Declining stocks numbered 1,646. Total stocks count of BSE companies is 2,994. Overall, the Indian stock market witnessed a lack-luster session with both sensex and Nifty Stocks not performing up to the expectations.

January 11, 2012

Markets And Up-To-The-Minute News

Markets are all about stocks, sensex, nifty, more Live Stock Market statistics, currencies, commodities, mutual funds, currency exchange rates, and the list goes on. It is a must for investors to stay updated with what is happening in the market. As investors, you can well bank upon the news portal that publishes only relevant news faster than other portals. No matter where you are, all you need to do is visit the page and take a quick glimpse irrespective of how busy you are. It is in.reuters.com that is one of the most visited news portal, one that is trusted by millions. When you visit the live stock market section at this portal, you will come across up-to-the-minute statistics. Nowhere else will you come across the most recent sensex nifty news updates. With a subscription, you can get live stock market updates right in your mailbox.

Finding the latest Currency Exchange News is easy at this portal. All you need to do is use the currency converter tool. No matter which of the currency exchange rates you want to find, just select the currency options and there you are with the results in seconds. The ‘select option’ contains list of all existing currencies.

Market Indices With Live Stock Quotes And Mutual Funds

Are you an investor in the Indian market? So, you have diversified your investments in stocks, mutual funds, commodities, and more. If you are staying updated with the up-to-the-minute market statistics, you are treading on the right path. Of course, there are other factors that need to be followed to be a successful investor in the Indian market. It is at a news portal that you can come across complete market news including Indian and world stock market indices, charts displaying live stock quotes, top mutual funds, and more. Accordingly, you can plan your investment strategies right away.

When we speak about Live Stock Quotes, you cannot expect to see the same figures after some time. Live stock quotes change according to the market trends. So, are mutual funds! The top mutual funds you will come across today may not be top tomorrow. Cautious investment is what can help you maintain a balance of profits and losses and get you maximum returns.

Currently, Indian indices are not performing at par with world Stock Market indices. Though for some time it is sensex and nifty that performed far better compared to other world stock market indices during post recession, facts are now otherwise.

January 9, 2012

NSE Nifty Stocks and Selecting The Most Active Shares

So, you are more interested on NSE nifty stocks in the India stock market. Irrespective of whether you invest on BSE sensex or NSE nifty stocks, the returns on your investment will be based on market conditions. In a volatile situation, gaining constant returns is a far fetched affair provided you know the tactics of surviving in such volatility. The Indian Stock Market has been volatile for more than a year now and market experts have predicted similar behavior for more months. It is selecting the most active shares based on research and updation about market that can yield you returns.

The more knowledgeable you are, better will be your selection of the most active shares, especially those that can assure you returns, even in a volatile market. Counted few news portals, like in.reuters.com, display the most active shares to the investors’ advantage.

A live trading session is being conducted by the NSE Nifty, as it is upgrading the hardware and software of its Futures & Options trading system. Trading is held between 11.15 am to 12.45 pm; segments encompass securities lending and borrowing scheme, F&O, and capital market. Those interested in NSE nifty stocks have already availed the trading advantage.

December 26, 2011

Nifty Sensex, Mutual Funds and Bollywood News

By now, after a year plus long market volatility, investors have become quite familiar with the ebb and flow of the Indian market. The nifty and sensex, on an average, remained below the 5,000 and 16,000 figures respectively. What market analysts have predicted at the beginning of the present year about the fluctuating Nifty and sensex figures have indeed come true! If you look for other sources of investment in the Indian markets such as mutual funds, taking wise investing decisions may not seem easy. The top mutual funds of today may not turn out to be the top mutual funds of tomorrow.

When we consider current Bollywood News, especially after a Friday, it is all about movie releases and reviews. At present, news are about ‘Mission Impossible 4’ that has a Bollywood tinge in it played by Anil Kapoor and the Mumbai setting, ‘Pappu can’t Dance Sala’ reviews and the forthcoming movies like ‘Don 2’. Sunny Leonne, currently of ‘Big Boss 5’ fame, is also creating space in Bollywood news. Dev Anand ‘good bye’ events have been in Bollywood news ever since his demise. Visit a news portal and visit the Bollywood section to read the Bollywood news of the day.

December 22, 2011

Breaking News and Stocks Recommendations

Who doesn’t know Kim Jong Il, North Korea's mercurial and enigmatic leader? Breaking news at the moment (19th Dec.) is about his death; he was 69. This breaking news was broadcast on state television from the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, followed by all other news channels and news portals. More breaking news is related to Lokpal Bill on whether the Govt. is going to cede to Anna’s demands; the cabinet will take up with the discussion in the evening.

NSE and BSE news are part of Breaking News almost every day in the true sense of the term. Currently, the NSE and BSE share market fell owing to lack of progress on resolving the European debt crisis and cooling economic growth. If you think BSE and NSE stock recommendations displayed at many an online portal will well serve your purpose in investing right, you are wrong. Taking wise investing decisions all depend on how you invest; it involves use of investing tools, staying updated with the latest market and business news, considering the rising and falling trends of prices of the chosen stocks, etc.

You can consider considering the Stock Recommendations displayed at in.reuters.com, which are based on analysis by market experts.

December 21, 2011

Top India News and Investment Portfolio

When we speak about India news, especially for market investors, news on sensex index and nifty including commodity indices, mutual funds, etc. are considered the most important. If you have been investing for quite some time in the Indian market and have not yet managed your investment portfolio, you are not following the right direction. Tracking your finances smartly happens with managing your investment portfolio. Whether your chosen strategy is right for you or not can be determined, using the Investment Portfolio manager tool. Visit in.reuters.com to know more about the concept and using the tool. Calculating your net worth and asset allocation becomes easy with this tool.

The sensex index and nifty opened in the downtrend in early morning trade as of December 19. While Sensex Index fell 208 points at 15,282.93, NSE nifty fell by 69 at 4,582.05. More India news are related to Kingfisher grounding 15 aircraft, its prospect of getting $47 million loan from Sahara, Govt to make top-level appointments at PSBs, whether the Govt. is going to cede to Anna’s demands on Lokpal Bill, Khaitans paying Rs 700cr for ‘loop stake’, and more. Watching top India news happens with a click of the mouse. Visit in.reuters.com for the same.

December 5, 2011

Stock Market Dynamics and Statistics

It is no hassle-oriented task viewing Market Statistics or taking a quick glimpse at the stock quotes in India or viewing the nifty and sensex index. Thanks to online news portals. For me and for lakhs of news freaks like me, it is in.reuters.com that is quenching our thirst for information. Of course, all news portal will have nifty and sensex index displayed not to mention stock quotes of India and other related information and charts. But the reason I rely on Reuters is that here you get up-to-the-minute information, i.e. news get published here faster than other portals.

Managing a stock portfolio in India has again become a hassle-free affair. Reasons are simple. Reuters is offering online solutions related to the same. Just avail the services of the stock portfolio manager here and manage your stock portfolio in India. Tracking your investments, profits, and losses just becomes easy.

According to the latest market statistics (30th November), the Sensex Index and the nifty have closed at 16,115.12 up 107 points and 4,833.05 up 28 points respectively. Despite a choppy trade, both the indices showed positive results. To be a gainer pick stock quotes in India after careful analysis and complete market updation.

November 30, 2011

On Cricket News Live and Indian Stock Market Updates

What cricket news live being broadcasted on TV or published at news portals, i.e. on the India v West Indies, 1st ODI match played at Cuttack has proven the fact that big hits aren't crucial ingredients in absorbing cricket. Indeed it was Umesh Yadav's four that ended a pulsating match in favor of India. Every Indian news platform appreciated Yadav’s feat. Well, it is not only cricket news live of a particular match but also on other international matches that you can get ball by ball at in-reuters.com.

It is no surprise to find Stock Market investors all around. According to Indian news related to stock market as of 30th November, the sensex gained 107 points at 16,115.12 while the Nifty rose 28 points to 4,833.05. The rise owes to recovery in European markets. Sectors in the stock market that have witnessed rise are oil and gas, telecom, FMCG and select technology segments. During the early morning trade, both the sensex and nifty were in the downtrend.

When you read Sensex Nifty news as a stock market investor, consider reading business Indian news as well. Knowing about the A-Z of markets and policies will certainly help you take wise buying and selling decisions.

Stock/Commodity Market and Cricket Scores Live

If you think NSE and BSE companies performing up to your expectations for a few days and thereby invest big, you are only wasting your hard earned money. Yes, in this extremely volatile market, you need to watch the performances of the NSE and BSE companies in detail. Watch nifty and sensex India figures every now and then. There are few companies that do sustain even in a volatile situation, witnessing little downfalls. In such a case, you need not worry about your investments.

Similar is the situation of the commodity market. Invest on those commodities that are hardly affected by market fluctuations. One lucrative example is gold. It is no exaggeration to say that gold is the most lucrative investment option in the Commodity Market. To view statistics of the commodity market, nifty and sensex India, performances of NSE and BSE companies, you can well bank upon in.reuters.com.

At the same online platform, you can watch cricket scores live. Yes, cricket scores live of all matches happening are displayed here ball by ball at the ‘sports’ section. In the India v West Indies 1st ODI match played at Cuttack, India scored 213 for 9 beating West Indies 211 for 9 by one wicket.